Disaster Recovery


Don’t Let a System Failure Shut Down Your Business

Our business continuity solution is designed to quickly revive your network and have your employees productive again in almost no time. It operates automatically to back up your vital data as frequently as every 15 minutes. If there’s a problem, files can be restored in about a half-hour, or if needed, our system can take over as a virtual server to resume operations until bigger issues with your network can be resolved. In a worse-case disaster scenario, remote server backup is also available to keep your files and data safe and secure.

We protect your valuable data!

A catastrophic system failure creates chaos. Gone are billing and inventory records, customer lists and miscellaneous reports. To recreate this information from scratch is expensive and time consuming. Depending on how much damage was done to the computer systems, it could be days, weeks or even months before operations return to normal. Be secure! Our business continuity solution:

Not all disasters are natural, but we can help you recover.

Not even the most conscientious users save their work as consistently and thoroughly as our business continuity solution.
Servers crash, networks fail, unfortunately it’s going to happen. But with our virtual server engaged and deployed, we’ll have your systems up and running again in mere minutes.
Violating government rules for protecting sensitive records at the federal level (such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley) as well as state or local jurisdictions can bring severe consequences. Our business continuity solution goes a long way toward helping you maintain compliance.
Everyone’s done it — deleted or lost an email containing critical information. Take advantage of our email recovery feature for Microsoft Exchange Servers and recover that important message from days or even months ago.
It’s true; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. RMM service is included with our business continuity solution so small issues don’t become big problems.
Fire, flood, earthquake can cause devastating damage to your physical location. But if the worst happens, our remote SAS70 Type II and HIPAA-compliant data centers will have your data and records safely housed so you can resume operations.

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