the pharmacy drug systems offered by pbs bahamas is an ingenious system that keeps record of over 9000 otc drugs. this system enables the storing of data and streamlines functionality of the organization.  


for basic functionality, the pharmacy management system includes a user interface, a data entry and retention system and security measures to protect patient’s private health information. there are various pharmacy software operating systems that are used across the world; the robustness functionality of this one is par-none 


the major purpose of the pharmacy drug system in pbs is to have effective and safe dispensing of pharmacy drugs. our system is equipped with a user interface that prompts the pharmacist to verify whether or not the drug is for the right patient, whether it has the right amount and whether or not its labeling mentions correct information. our pharmacy drug system also suggests the pharmacist to offer their patients verbal counseling for better and safe use of the medication.  


features of the pharmacy drug system  


the pharmacy drug systems allow pharmacies to carry out their daily operations. not all pharmacy drug systems function the same; however, here are the main operations of our system: 


intake of data  


this is the first step in the process. as the pharmacy receives the prescription, the data is first entered into the system.  


pre-checking process  


this is the step before the actual filling of the drug where the pharmacist can review the prescription to see if there are any potential drug interactions, duplicate therapies, appropriate dosage or transcription errors that can result in endangering the patient. 




this step involves dispensing the medication. in this process, the pharmacist can also verify the medication by hand or by a dispensing machine. 




the last step involves checking the filled medication with the prescribed one to rule out errors.  


the pharmacy drug system offers ingenious inventory management that offers the pharmacists to reorder items, return stock which is unused and organize the shelf labels.  


this system also digitizes pricing changes, catalog updates, receiving orders and shipping to aid in the pharmacy operations.  


pharmacy drug systems

ministry of finance - completed access control and cctv 

access control + cctv

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department of statistics – in final stages of installation of access control, cctv and wireless

final stages of access control, cctv + wireless i

inland revenue – completed access control , cctv and wireless infrastructure

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